San Jacinto Monument

The San Jacinto Monument was constructed between 1936-1939 to dedicate the heroes of the battle of San Jacinto, who contributed to independence for Texas from Mexico. The 570-foot limestone shaft is topped with a 34 foot 220 ton star. The monument is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the worlds tallest stone column memorial. The San Jacinto Museum of History resides inside the monument and holds hundreds of thousands of objects, documents and images of the past 400 years of Texas and Spanish History.

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Pasadena Heritage Park

  • 204 Main
  • Pasadena, Texas 77506
  • Phone: (713) 472-0565

The museum includes collections of local artifacts and memorabilia. Special exhibits showcase early Texas life. For more information and hours, see our website.

Lone Star Flight Museum

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Texas Museums

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San Jacinto Monument

San Jacinto Monument

The Pomeroy House

The Pomeroy House at Pasadena Heritage Park