Phillips 66 Installs Largest Decal of 811 Logo on Pasadena Texas Tank.

April 2nd, 2021

April is safe digging month for the national 811 "call before you dig" program.

811 - Know what's below. Call 811 before you dig

This project by Phillips 66 prominently displays 811 awareness and their commitment to pipeline safety.


Phillips 66 installed the largest decal of the 811 Logo on one of their Pasadena Tanks to ensure public safety and avoid any pipeline spills. The huge logo on the Phillips 66 tank is directly off Highway 225 in Pasadena, TX near Bearle St, Burke Rd and Preston Rd. The highway serves over 9 million commuters annually making this location an ideal spot to prominently display their commitment to pipeline safety.

The 811 decal is very large (2,786 sqft 28’ x 95.5’), over double the size of any they are aware of in the Houston area. (See Video on Facebook)

Is this the largest 811 logo in Texas?

In the country OR the world for that matter?

For due diligence they confirmed with the printer and installers it's the largest they've done, and they've worked in several states (CA, OK, TX, IN). Also, they confirmed the size with Marathon and Enterprise Products. They also vetted the 811 logo size with the national 811 message board and the decal printer, no one disputes this is the largest 811 tank logo out there.


"Based on an industry survey asking stakeholders their awareness of 811 advertising, there is certainly an opportunity to improve. Decals for trucks, tanks, etc.. are tangible options we can manage at a relatively low cost and achieve prolonged impressions", says the company.


Trend Data: Awareness of 811 Advertising

The graph shows results of a sampling of 1805 people answering this question:

Have you seen or heard advertising that promotes the 811 service?

Trend Data Awareness of 811 Advertising


Everything is bigger in Texas and 811 support at P66 is no exception!


Phillips 66 Tanks and 811 awarness of their commitment to pipeline safety

Source: Jill Sweeney
Communication Advisor, Midstream

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